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Aclima Academy

Aclima Academy – grants training and employment possibilities in the climate business.

Aclima Academy – gives a unique opportunity for its course participants to get the most sought-after specialties in the global climate market, specializes in training specialists from scratch, as well as on their retraining and skills upgrading in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning field.

The technical base of the Academy is both unique and multifunctional. It includes: 3 lecture halls equipped with modern technology inventories, an educational room for installation and service practice, a laboratory for conducting classes on the operating HVAC system, a test chamber and a showroom with modern climate equipment.

For the time of its existence, Aclima company has accumulated a lot of experience in implementing interesting, unique and innovative projects of varying complexity, but faced a shortage of qualified specialists. What is really important for training in climate field is knowledge acquired in practice. But not every educational institution can afford a base with modern climatic equipment. Therefore, our partners have to train new employees, detaining the production specialists from their work.

Aclima Academy offers a solution to this personnel problem: we train specialists in the most demanded climate market specialties. You will receive a basic set of knowledge necessary for working in the field of air conditioning, ventilation and heating, as well as acquire practical skills, without which it is impossible to become the No. 1 in the labor market.

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