Heat Pumps Sales Manager

Heat Pumps Sales Specialist is a new, interesting and well-paid profession. We are the first in Ukraine who has developed a training program for this specialty!

Active construction is stimulating an employment growth within the climate market. There has been an increase in using the alternative heating systems based on energy-saving technologies. But not all installation companies have the necessary number of qualified employees. Therefore people possessing knowledge in this field have great prospects. Ukraine is now becoming a full-fledged participant of the European energy-saving technologies market.

For the Sales Manager, involved in this industry, it is important to study, implement and put energy-saving equipment to work.

On average, an effective sales specialist training period takes from 3 to 12 months. But if the candidate already has some basic knowledge and knows the market this period may be significantly shorter. All the knowledge, necessary for a career in the market of energy-saving technologies, can be gained at the Aclima Academy. A special Heat Pumps Sales Managers study program includes getting an extensive theoretical background in the field of microclimate and heating as well as sales trainings. You will learn to competently negotiate with the client, provide an advantageous commercial offers and a profitable technical solutions. You will gain the skills of active sales and familiarize yourself with all the stages of sales and implementation of solutions onsite. New knowledge will help you expand the range of your professional skills and increase the prospects for professional growth. Good education is the best investment!

During the "Heat Pumps Sales Manager" training course you will:
  • Acquire theoretical knowledge in the field of microclimate and heating
  • Get to know the structure of a design and installation company
  • Learn the rules of active sales

With the modern knowledge gained at Aclima Academy you can easily enter the market, upgrade your skills and develop in actual practice. The earnings of an effective Sales Managers often exceed the income of TOP management. Invest in your future!

After completing the course and successfully passing the exam, we guarantee further employment in one of the most successful companies of the Ukrainian climate market.