Project Sales Manager

Project Sales Manager is a promising and well-paid profession, which is very popular in the climate market. It is the active construction of commercial and residential real estate that stimulates an employment growth within HVAC market. The use of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems is increasing every year. Therefore people possessing knowledge in this field have great prospects. A competent manager is a key to sustainable prosperity of the company.

The task of the Project Sales Manager is to find a prospective object/facility, contact its representatives or investors, agree on the terms of reference and get a request for the further equipment selection. Then, Project Sales Manager should provide the customer with an advantageous commercial offer and profitable technical solution, sign the contract, plan and control all the stages of the project implementation.

In order to score a success in this profession – come and join the Aclima Academy training. A special study program for the Project Sales Manager includes obtaining an extensive theoretical knowledge in the field of ventilation and air conditioning and as well as a series of sales trainings. After completing this course, you will acquire:

1. Skills of active sales, knowledge of all stages of sales and implementation of the solution onsite
2. Negotiation and presentation skills
3. Knowledge of the microclimate market (brands, technologies, equipment)
4. Knowledge of competitor companies and competitive solutions
5. Skills of – working with objects/facilities, finding key positions and structures on the client’s side
6. Ability to independently develop a project’s technical solution for ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems using MagiCAD, AutoCAD, Excel
7. Understanding of profitability and pricing
8. Skills allowing to control the work performance and to complete the project’s realization

During the "Project Sales Manager" training course you will:
  • Learn how the climate and construction market business is organized
  • Get to know the structure of a design and installation company
  • Learn about effective tools for large objects sales
  • Make sense of the principles and features of working with investors, influencers and decision makers, tenders
  • Learn how to develop a project technical solution using MagiCAD, AutoCAD, Excel
  • Study the microclimate market (brands, technologies, equipment)

With such a wealth of knowledge, you can easily enter the market, upgrade your skills and develop in actual practice. The earnings of an effective Project Sales Manager often exceed the income of TOP management. Invest in your future!

After completing the course and successfully passing the exam, we guarantee further employment in one of the most successful companies of the Ukrainian climate market.