Our Partners

Aclima company represents and supplies Ukrainian market with 17 brands of microclimate systems from Europe, Asia and the USA. Among them – industrial and semi-industrial units as well as equipment for private use.

  • Leading manufacturer of VRF-systems

  • Construction of chillers and precision air conditioners with different power capacity

  • Air handling systems for all types of facilities

  • Eco-friendly heat pumps with the ability to fully meet the needs of domestic hot water supply

  • Steam humidifiers of all types suitable for industrial, commercial and private use

  • A wide range of refrigeration equipment: chillers, fan coils, rooftops

  • Production of the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective units for ventilation systems

  • Devices for evaporative cooling: cooling towers, condensers

  • Different types of equipment for air heating - gas furnaces, rooftops

  • Air condensers and dry coolers

  • Adsorptive dehumidifiers of high quality

  • Air water heaters

  • Drainage pumps

  • Energy saving systems with cold storage

  • Automation systems for management of engineering systems for any premises/objects