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  • 11
  • Theory
  • Learn to choose heat pumps correctly
  • Conduct a feasibility study for a heat pump installation project
  • Learn the purpose of auxiliary hydraulic circuit components
  • Learn the peculiarities of heat pump installation
  • Understand the composition of a heat pump and get a sense of its operating principle
  • Get yourself familiar with the heat pump operation logics and the concepts of designing fire room layouts
  • First, you leave a request on the website or by phone:
    +38 (067) 400 86 45
  • You gain access to your dashboard
  • You study the course theory at your convenience
  • You take e-testing at the end of each course, and and pass an exam once you complete the course
  • Zoom conference with a tutor where you can ask any questions
  • You practice with real (installed) equipement in the Academy
  • Upon completion, you receive a certificate with an addendum
Oleksii Serhiiovych Solomakha
Head of design and installation company
focused on heating and ventilation
8 years досвіду роботи
  • Освіта

    National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Power Engineering Technology and Automation Faculty, specializing in Alternative and Renewable Energy

  • Кар'єрний шлях

    1) Heat pump design and service engineer
    2) Technical expert in international engineering aid projects
    3) Founder and manager of a heating & air conditioning company

Фото преподаватель
"I will share my hands-on knowledge of design and installation issues specific to heating / air conditioning systems featuring heat pumps."

01 Модуль - Heat pump selection manager

Програма модуля
  • Learn the basic types of heating units
  • Become aware of the parameters affecting the heat output of heating units
  • Learn the basics of hydraulic design
  • Learn to determine the required coolant flow rate in a heat pump

02 Модуль - Comparison of heat sources

Програма модуля
  • Learn to conduct a feasibility study for a project featuring a heat pump
  • Learn to calculate heat flow from different sources
  • Understand the pros and cons of various heat sources and heating systems
  • Learn which option is the cheapest in operation

03 Модуль - Heat pump types

Програма модуля
  • Learn to choose the heat pump capacity
  • Learn about different heat pump types
  • Get a sense of technical intricacies involved in heat pump installation
  • Understand what affects the heat pump operation efficiency

04 Модуль - Heat pump analysis software

Програма модуля
  • Master selection of an air-to-water heat pump in 6 minutes
  • Calculate the heat pump payback period
  • Learn to conduct a feasibility study in 6 minutes
  • Find out the marginal cost of equipment

05 Модуль - Purpose of the heating system components

Програма модуля
  • Understand the purpose of auxiliary hydraulic circuit components
  • Learn to select the principle hydraulic curcuit components
  • Learn the principle of coolant control in a heating system
  • Familiarize yourself with the hydraulic circuit components that are essential for heat pump installation

06 Модуль - Principles of heat pump layout design

Програма модуля
  • Learn how the heat pump type affects the choice of the installation layout
  • Familiarize yourself with a standard installation layout
  • Understand what affects the choice of the fire room installation layout
  • Learn the standard fire room design solutions

07 Модуль - Installation of an air-to-water heat pump. Requirements and specifics

Програма модуля
  • Learn the installation requirements of air-to-water heat pumps
  • Understand the basic settings of a heat pump controller
  • Learn to perform correct initial start-up of the equipment
  • Learn why a heat pump may fail

08 Модуль - Mycond heat pump interface

Програма модуля
  • Learn to configure a heat pump controller
  • Understand the operating principle of the equipment
  • Look through the functions of a heat pump controller
  • Trace the changes of heat pump operation parameters over time

09 Модуль - Freon properties. Refrigerant circuit components

Програма модуля
  • Get yourself familiar with the processes running in the refrigerant circuit
  • Learn the purpose and design of refrigerant circuit components
  • Understand the main heat-transfer properties of freons
  • Familiarize yourself with the freon thermodynamic diagram

10 Модуль - Heat balance of a building

Програма модуля
  • Calculate heat losses of a building
  • Find out the minimum thickness of the outer wall insulation
  • Learn the rated thermal resistance of enclosing structures
  • Understand what determines heat gains

11 Модуль - Pipeline types

Програма модуля
  • Familiarize yourself with different types of pipelines
  • Familiarize yourself with pipeline applications depending on various parameters
  • Learn the pipe installation requirements
  • Understand what tools are needed for different pipe types

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